What is Chessology?

A free computer chess game!

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Chessology is a brand new computer chess game containing some unique and powerful features that you won't find in any of the traditional computer chess programs.

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These great new features allow you to play chess against the computer without making any silly mistakes or blunders!

So, you will win more often, your confidence will grow, and with time your chess skills will improve as you learn and become familiar with the type of play that helps you to win chess games.

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Simple to learn and play


Perfect for beginners and juniors


Perfect for occasional and casual players


You will win more often


Your chess skills will improve


Your rating will rise

What's more, it's extremely enjoyable!

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Using Chessology, you simply learn by getting stuck in and play, play, play, learning all the time and developing good tactical awareness of what is happening on the chessboard.

Much better than studying chessbooks!

So, check out the website, download the program, watch your skills improve, impress your friends!

So how does it work?