Colored Squares

Who controls what?

You cannot control what you cannot measure!

Instead of viewing the chessboard in the traditional way, with light and dark squares arranged in a checkered pattern, you may prefer to view the board using the red and green square-control colors.

This is an extremely powerful and useful feature that gives you a bird's-eye view of who is controlling what on the field of battle, er, on the chessboard!

Remember: The easiest way to win a game of chess is to control more of the board than your opponent!

And, as any self-respecting field marshall will tell you, you cannot control without having the proper information!

Information is Power

And only Chessology can give you this information!

As you move your mouse over the board, highlighting any move you are investigating, the square colors update immediately as if you have played the highlighted move!

How square control works

A green square (and the greener the better!) means that you have good control of that square and it is pretty safe from attack by your opponent.

A red square means that it is your opponent who controls the square.

The control of a square is really the number of pieces that a side can move to attack or defend that square, less the number of pieces that the opponent can move to the same square.

The more control a player has over a square, the better, and therefore the brighter is the color of that square.

Of course, if no side has overall control of a particular square, it is just painted black because it is a neutral square.

In fact, neutral squares are often the most interestig ones as there are many of them in the middle of the board at the start of the game, and they are basically up for grabs!

See some examples of colored squares in action

Turning on Colored Squares

shows popup menu to select colored squares

When you first start the program, colored squares are turned off by default.

However, you can use the popup menu to toggle this feature on or off.

Using the mouse, right-click anywhere on the board to display the popup menu.

If you want to turn colored squares on, just click on the menu item labelled Show colored squares.

If you want to turn colored squares off, the menu item will display Hide colored squares and you can click it to turn colored squares off.

Next Section

In the next section, you will learn about colored moves, which help you to discover whether you are looking at a good move or at a duff move!

Colored Moves