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board shows white player the best game move using colored squares

Chessology is a completely new and novel way to play chess!

For Beginners and Improvers!

Even if you have never played a game of chess before, you will very soon understand how the game works and you will not only be playing but winning great chess!

Because you will be using Chessology!

So, Black-and-White or Full-Color?

Using Chessology is a completely different experience compared with traditional chess programs.

image of colored crayons representing the colors in this game

Just imagine traditional chess programs as the black-and-white versions...

image of colored crayons representing the colors in this computer programme

...and Chessology as the full-color version, with the colors changing dynamically as you move your mouse over the board!

And what's more: It's completley free!

Just download and play - no hassle

educational image of computer ajedrez game teaching white player the best move using colored squares chess game for children

Fully functional

ajedrez kids

No need to register

chess program

No trial period

chess tutorial

Installs in a flash

chess software

Just download and play!

chess titans

It's completely free!

So what is Chessology?